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"Gary has built ten buildings for me and for my family.  He did such a great job, we just keep asking him back.  He understands quality building and that was important to us.  He was willing to do whatever portion we wanted done whether it was a complete job or a finish-it-yourself.  Not every building he builds is a rubber stamp of the one before it.  He's willing to do what you want.  He's done ten buildings for our family and we've never been disappointed."

Deanna Klein
Fairview Manufacturing Corporation



"I like to know who's working for me, and Gary's reputation meant a lot to me.  He knew what he was doing.  I gave him the specs and he did it.  The contractors I talked to said they couldn't compete with Gary Antolik.  Because of his efficiency, he's very tough to compete with.  He builds a good building for a good price.  His work is efficient and quick.  He has built three very different buildings for me - a barn, a riding arena, and an office building, and I've been happy with every one."

Bernie Czarnecki
Quartermaster Ranch